SELECT a.web_address, a.latitude, a.longitude, a.account, a.date_pom, a.ref, a.web_address, a.search_address, a.bathrooms, a.postcode, a.general_desc, a.description2, a.fk_lookup_protyp_id, a.date_pom, a.description3, a.internet_desc, b.description, a.feature1, a.feature2, a.feature3, a.feature4, a.feature5, a.feature6, a.feature7, a.feature8, a.feature9, a.feature10, a.bedrooms, c.reduced, c.rental_amount, c.fk_lookup_prstle_id, d.description, e.description, f.description, a.special_offer, a.special_offer_text, a.date_pom FROM tblproperty a, tbllookup_user b, tblproperty_rental_details c, tbllookup_system d, tbllookup_system e, tbllookup_system f WHERE = 1 AND a.market_property = 1 AND a.fk_lookup_locati_id = AND c.fk_property_ref = a.ref AND c.fk_lookup_letfre_id = AND a.fk_lookup_protyp_id = AND a.fk_lookup_prosec_id = AND (fk_lookup_prosec_id = 93 OR CONCAT(',', prosec_multi, ',') like '%,93,%') ORDER BY c.rental_amount DESC
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